1. Rules of Golf

1.1 The events will be run in accordance with “The Rules of Golf” as laid down by the R&A and the Local Rules of the courses visited.


  1. Format

2.1 The playing format can vary on a tournament by tournament basis. Most tournaments will be a Stableford Scoring format with 90% a of handicap allowance. There will be separate divisions based on handicaps and as well as a stroke play division for those who qualify to play in that division. Where permitted play is normally from the White/Competition tees for division B, and Blue for Division A. Ladies play from the red tees, and seniors over 60 play from the Gold.  You may request to play a set of tees further back with no adjustment made.


  1. Who Can Play?

3.1 The Events are open to all golfers, male and female who are members of a New England Amateur Tour or who accompanied a current NE AM Tour Member in good standing. You must comply with the handicap requirements in section 4.


  1. Handicaps

4.1 All competitors must have a current handicap issued by a USGA affiliated golf club or the equivalent national body in the USA and other countries.

4.2 Competitors taking part in their first event will be asked to provide a current handicap certificate, or will be assessed an assumed handicap based on information gathered from previous rounds and will need to them obtain one, which we can assist with. A handicap will need to be obtained by the first tournament played.

4.3 The Maximum playing handicaps will be 24 for men and 30 for ladies with 90% Stroke Allowance.

4.4 All the events in the USA will e USGA handicap qualifying events and it is the ultimate responsibility of each player to report his/her scores back to the club at which their handicap is managed.

4.5 All events staged outside the USA (in the rare occurrence of a golf trip) will be deemed as non qualifiers for handicap purposes as under the USGA guidelines.


  1. Tour Membership

5.1 The annual Tour membership fee ca be paid online or by calling the office at 413-654-8007, or on the website. Membership runs for the entire, or remainder of the joined season, including the Fall Mini Series started during the playoffs. All playoff rounds are included.

5.2 Non Tour members or guests can play in the events but are not eligible for order of merit points and positional tournament prizes.

5.3 A competitor new to the tour must join the tour before he/she plays their first event of they wish to be eligible for merit points in their first event.  Order of Merit points will not be allocated retrospectively.



  1. Member’s Guest Entry

6.1 Members are welcome to bring guests to any events with notice. First come first serve so we recommend that you book your times as early as you can.  A member wishing to bring guests to an event can only enter their guests by calling the office at 413.654.8007 or getting email confirmation from a Tour Director.  The email is :   or


  1. Ties and Countbacks

7.1 In the case of a tie the result will be decided on a car playoff.

1) For a one round event this will be resolved by taking into account the last nice holes on the scorecard. If there is still a tie the result will be decided on the last 6,3,2,1 hole/s.

2)For an event over more than one round this will be resolved by taking into account the last 18 holes played. If there is still a tie the result will be decided on the last 9,6,3,2,1 hole/s.

7.2 In all cases of tied results, the decision will be made based on the order of the holes as set out on the scorecard regardless of where the individual competitors stated.


  1. Caddies & Buggies

8.1 The use of buggies is permitted in the events where they are available for hire. Caddies are permitted at any of the events and the competitor is responsible for his/her caddie’s actions. Local Club rules apply to caddies, golf caddie(cart) use, buggies use will be decided upon by the local course being played as well. Please call ahead with any questions.


  1. GPS Range Finding Equipment

9.1 The use of GPS and laser rangefinding equipment which only measures distance is permitted. Under the R&A Rules of Golf the use of smart phones and other devices which provide additional information such as wind speed/direction and distance taking into account gradient or slope is in breach of the Rules of Golf.


  1. Order of Merit

10.1 The tour has two Order of Merit points races. Stableford Order of Merit points race will include division 1 and division 2 players. Stroke Play Order of Merit points race will include all players in a separate division.  Every event on the schedule counts towards the Order of Merit points Race until the Fall series which is a separate points race.

10.2 Both Orders of Merit work in the same way. Merit points are awarded on the basis per regular season match of 500 points to the winner, 400 for 2nd, 300 for 3rd, and so on.

10.3 Any tied scores will be decided by a card playoff over last 9 holes at a time, with Merit points being issued based on finishing position. In the case it is still a tie, we will divide the tied positions by the total points awarded for those positions.

10.4 Final positions in both Order of Merit are decided in the same way. A competitor/s final OOM position is determined by the total merit points accumulated throughout the season following the final round of the tour regular season.  There will be 4 tournament rounds in the Tour playoffs.  Just like the PGA Tour FedEx Cup Points Race, the playoffs will include approximately 3 members in each division, with the final number to be decided based on the total active members at the seasons end.  After the 1st playoff round, we will narrow down to 25.  After the 2nd Round we will narrow down to 20 in each division. After the 3rd playoff round, the points will reset the same as the FedEx Cup Points Race with 1st getting 2500 points so on down the line.  Any player playing on the final day in the top 5 will win the tournament championship with a win on the final playoff day.

10.5 Any tied positions will follow the rules of the FedEx Cup Race.

10.6 The final order of merit will be established after the second round of the Tour Final has been played because the final event will be a 2 day event.

10.7 To be eligible for merit points, a competitor must be a current member of The New England Amateur Golf Tour for which the annual membership is $119 and runs for the remainder of the current season joined along with all playoffs and fall and winter tournaments, weather permitting during the fall mini season. Order of merit points will not be allocated retrospectively.


  1. Major Events

11.1 Certain events are designated Major Events and the winner will automatically qualify for the NE AM Tour Playoffs. ***All Major Events count as double Order of Merit pts.*** To be eligible to accept this prize a competitor playing in the their first season on the Tour must play at least 7 rounds on the Tour before the playoffs. If a competitor does not comply with the above they cannot accept the automatic place in the Tour Playoffs.


  1. New England Amateur Golf Tour Final

12.1 A Competitors’ Order of Merit scores will count towards qualification for the Tour Playoffs.

12.2 After the last event of the season prior to the Tour Playoffs the following competitors will qualify for the Tour Playoffs:

  1. The top 35 and ties in the 2 divisional OOM
  2. The leading two senior competitors of 60+** years in either OOM
  3. The leading two ladies in either OOM
  4. The winner of any Major Events.

** To qualify as a senior competitor in any given year you must have had your 60th birthday before 1st of March in that year.

12.3 IF any competitor qualifying under categories 2-4 above, finishes in the top 35 of the Order of Merit after the last qualifying event, then the next competitor on the Order of Merit will qualify for the Playoffs.


  1. Entry Fee Payment Terms

13.1 To secure a place in an event an email confirmation is required. We do send out prospective lists a few times before a tournament so everyone is aware of the count of players. We do work on an honor system. When confirming you attendance to any event please be sure if you cannot attend to give 48 hours notice or you will be responsible for the amount lost if unable to fill your spot.  All funds are collected either prior to the event online or in person, before the first tee time, by cash, check, credit card, PayPal, venmo, or Google wallet.  Payments are non refundable and non transferable.

13.2 Payment for events can either be made online or by calling the office at 413.654.8007 with your payment details in advance of the tournament or at the event.


  1. Competitor Information

14.1 The Tee Sheet for each event will appear on the website 24 hours prior to the event along with an itinerary of the day and including other relevant information. Each competitor will receive an email informing them that the Tee Sheet and Competitor Information are ready to view online.