The New England Amateur Golf Tour?

The New England Amateur Golf Tour set forth to provide amateurs of all ages, and handicaps the opportunity to compete in multiple format golf tournaments on a regular basis in their local area. The Tour concludes with a Tour Championship in which top players in each division test their skills against other amateurs from around New England, for top prizes. Through this competition, the New England Amateur Golf Tour promotes the sport of golf by providing an atmosphere of friendly, fair, and well managed competition for amateur golfers in the pursuit of excellence.
How much does it cost to join the Tour?
The New England Amateur Golf Tour annual membership is $149 per season for Advanced Tee Time Membership ( this give you 24 hr advanced tee time access) or $119 for a Regular Season Membership.

What is the cost of the tournaments?
The cost of each tournament varies throughout the area, currently ranging from $45 to $250, depending on the course being played which varies between public and private courses. The entry fee for each tournament can includes green fees, cart, taxes fees, prize pools, end of season prize pools, and sometimes range balls.

What can I win?
Trophies are awarded to the first place winner of each flight at the end of Am Tour Championship. Due to USGA regulations, no cash prizes can be paid but we do award gift cards in place of cash. A purse is established from the entry fees for individual tournaments in each division being played, and depending on the size of the flight, prizes are awarded to the top finishers in each flight. These prizes, may be tour credits towards future golf tournaments with the tour and occasionally gift cards. Additionally, there are voluntary skins games, closest to the pin, etc. As an example, if you were to place 3rd place in the stroke play division winning $50, also placing 2nd in the Division 1 net standings winning $100, and you wanted to play in the next tournament with a total cost of $120 it would be paid for and you would have $30 in credits still towards another tournament. Occasionally golf course will ask us to give out shop credits to the winners to spend with the pro shop in which case we will make you aware prior to tee off.

What is the format of the tournaments?
The players are placed into Divisions by handicap, then play an overall net stroke-play format, as well as competing at the same time in their current division which is separated by handicap. Division 1 is 12 handicap and below and division 2 is 12 handicap and above. All players are included in either Division 1 or 2, and everyone from Division 1 will be included in the stroke play division.

What if I don’t have a current handicap?
The Director of the Tour will assess your level of play based on your most recent scores, which courses you have played and the tees you used hopefully being verified by a fellow tournament golfer you have played with. If we are not able to do this, we will place you into Division 1 with handicap of 0 for your first event or keep you exempt from earning order of merit credits. Once you’re placed into a division your scores will be saved and assessed for future tournament play. We also provide a handicap service for an additional $30 annually in order to sign you up with our service.

How is the integrity of the handicaps and flights maintained?
The Tour will establish a tour handicap index based solely on your scores posted in the Ne Am Tour tournaments. If your tour index improves during the season, your handicap will be adjusted. The opposite will occur if you happen to see your scores rising.

When and where are the tournaments played?
The tournaments may be held on weekdays and weekends. Generally, we will have 1-3 tournaments a week, with most being played on Saturday and Sunday. Tee times vary but are posted on the website. The tournaments are played at local New England public and private courses listed on our website in the tour schedule. We pride ourselves in only providing the best quality courses that will show our members the tour like experience.

How many tournaments do I have to play in?
Play in as many or as few as you would like. Of course, the more you play, the more points you can accumulate toward qualifying for the New England Amateur Golf Tour Championship.

How is the pace of play?
Pace of play is very important. We expect our players to adhere to the local course rules which generally require every 9 holes played in 2 hours 15 minutes. We are not looking to penalize unless we must. Our members try very hard to keep our pace of play to 4 hours 30 minutes on the weekday events as well as under 5 hours on the busy weekends. Unfortunately, tournament rounds do take a bit longer because most players are concentrating, going though routines and lining up putts. As we progress as a group we hope to keep dropping our average round times a little at a time. Members under general rules of being included in the Stoke Play Division automatically need to putt our every hole, there are no gimmies. IF a player does pick up a ball, they are automatically disqualified from the stroke play division. Many golfers on the course in the division 2 will not be competing in the stroke play division and may choose to pick their ball up when they reach a net zero in the stable ford scoring system. All division 1 players must putt out in order to maintain their status for the stroke play division and avoid disqualification for the Stroke Play Division.

What can I wear?
– You must make sure to wear proper golf attire. If you arrive at a tournament wearing un-approved golf attire, you will be disqualified from the day’s tournament.

How do I qualify for the New England Amateur Golf Tour Championship?
The top 35 players in each of our 3 divisions will qualify for the playoffs. Make it through a series of small cuts into the reseeding process after the 3rd playoff match and earn yourself a seat in the Am Tour Championship. Based on the points earned during the season, your reseeded after the 3rd playoff tournament. Players in the Top 5 places going into the championship will be guarantee a victory with a championship event win. It is possible for players outside the top 5 on championship day to win but they would need top 5 players to come in lower seeds.

Is there a deadline to join the Tour?

No. You can join the Tour anytime during the season. The sooner you join; the more points you start accumulating towards the points race.

Why should I join the New England Amateur Golf Tour?

If you enjoy weekly golf at some of the finest local public and private courses, if you enjoy competitive stroke-play or stableford scoring golf that puts you against the course and not just the other players, if you want to improve your game by playing under tournament conditions like the pros, and if you like the feeling of winning, collecting prizes and trophies, join the tour and enjoy all of these benefits. All tournaments are played by USGA rules and handicaps are tracked on each player to ensure the integrity of each Division.

How do I join the Tour?
Simply select “Application- Join” on the left website menu and pay online. Select the tournaments in which you would like to participate, then register and pay before the tournament deadline.